Five schools in five different countries have participated in a virtual mobility in France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, and Spain, from Monday 8/02/2021 to Wednesday 10/02/2021. These five groups of students are members of an Erasmus+ program called “Open Sesame”. The main purpose is to make students more responsible of their knowledge and actors of what they learn through the creation of clubs, and to improve English during this project. A delegation of each country travels around Europe to meet the other participants during five mobilities (one per country). The Covid-19 upset the concept and the teams needed to move without moving...

This situation led to reorganise the program and the virtual mobility is born. The Italian team led this mobility with motivation and enthusiasm! For one week, the five teams met in Google Meet to chat and to do many activities. A complete timetable was created with 4 to 8 or 9 hours of virtual meetings per days! Each country proposed activities with arts, sciences, geocaching, music, debate or languages. The students chose 3 activities (one per days) and during three hours, they did activities, quizzes, games and chat. In option, they could choose to meet an Italian class, a presentation of subjects (like “house of the future”, “escape room”...), just chat, cook, film or karaoke. Next to the activities, the students wrote their “Feedback” in Padlet to share their impression. It wasn’t a passive mobility: the students participated in the program.

The interests are to share culture and traditions with the others, to improve their English, and moreover to have a good time with the others students. It’s a successful bet for the participants! The students were very happy at the end and they continued to chat between them on Instagram and WhatsApp groups. The feelings can be resume by the song of Justin Timberlake “Can't stop the feeling”. The students were very invested during the week. A student said: “I forgot my localization; I was just in another country, with another language, with other students during this week. When I chatted in English all day long, with foreign students and I ate Indian food (abr: during the “cook with us”): I’m in another place, not in France or in Germany. I forgot that I chatted only in front of a computer; I was with the other students. It wasn’t just 3 days; it was an exchange of human, culture, happiness and motivation”

At the end, there were happy students, who are longing for the next mobility. France, Germany, Latvia and Spain will be the next to organize the new mobility, maybe in real life…

Jean Guazzetti, from the French Open Sesame Team (Lycée Lucie Aubrac)

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